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Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!


Welcome the summer sun rays with our silky prints & bring back the 90’s with a touch of modernity. Zillenials are changing the conversation about fashion & it’s unbounded. Get ready to bend Art


My name is Mendiana C. Merilus or "Mendi" and I am the Curator and owner of ANTHR|makeshiftshirt. I grew up both Haiti and The Dominican Republic then moved to the United states at the age of 15. All places in which have individually influenced my love for fashion and fashion sense. I am an Alumna of Florida International University where I majored in International Relations. I aspire to become an Attorney. I am multi hyphenated therefore my hobbies include Fun, Food and Fashion. I am a big aesthete and I believe life is to be cherished, lived and romanticized.

ANTHR|makeshiftshirt is a Miami based label which sprouted from a keen eye that I initially had for thrifting and up-cycling. This gift of mine sparked interests amongst many of my peers. The ability to walk inside of a thrift store and find gems in a place full of clutter quickly destigmatized the negative notion of thrifting equating to being poor from anyone exposed to me. During the pandemic, at the peak of boredom, curiosity got the best of me and I borrowed a  beginner sewing machine and taught myself how to sew; it quickly grew to me dabbling in thrift flips and the rest is history. ANTHR (pronounced Another) Makeshift shirt comes from a friend of mine saying "Another one of them" after stranger asked me about a makeshift shirt I had on

Lastly, through this brand sparking from your continuous support, I commit to providing nothing but authenticity to you. I love you all and I appreciate the way you love my items as much as I enjoy creating them. XO